As we can imagine, the reason you are visiting this page is that you are an inventor or developer of innovative products and you have that need that we all have to see our ideas materialized before entering the production area or to promote and show your product in the most professional way possible. We are specialists in 3D Design to deliver high spec CGI for sales and marketing. We’ve been pioneering the use of computer generated imagery, 3D design animation and CGI across many industries and sectors, product manufacturing and more. The power of 3D to boost sales and marketing effectiveness is only matched by the speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the technology. It powers creativity, opens new doors for marketing, and helps companies deliver real business results. 3D Product Visualisation is becoming the clear standard for the product and advertising industries owing to the cost prohibitive nature of traditional studio photography and the logistics of organising the resources required to complete a shoot. This is where our 3D product Visualisation services really shine, if a product misses a shoot, there is no need to setup another day and reproduce all of those associated costs. Our team can reproduce one or one hundred product renderings at short notice and with very little setup required.
Rs. 2000 for One 3D Model (Pricing is for the sample 3d model’s quality and complexity)
2 days
Pricing and delivery will vary based on the quality and complexity. Contact us and let us know your requirement. We will get back to you with the quote and delivery timeline.
Client requirement(product image) -> 3D Modelling -> Rendering
  • 3D model of any Object, Props or Character with photo-realistic render
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Source file
  • 360 degrees rotation display of the product
  • Enhanced detailing
  • 2K High quality render
  • Branding with your Logo
  • Output in JPG , 3DS, obj, stl formats that may work with all of the 3d programs like maya,unity,max etc
  • Secured file transfer
We guarantee a hassle free experience right from requirement gathering to final delivery. We will proceed to the next stage of the work only upon client approval.