3D for advertising: In recent years, many companies have used the power of 3D animation to add quality to their marketing campaigns and advertising. Aninest Studios develops 3D animation and modeling of products and mascots to them enhanced visually, making them a message able to maximize the loyalty to the product and brand. Motion Graphics/Video marketing: The motion graphics fill the eyes of the spectators. Associated with technology, talent and creativity, create stunning effects by adding modernity and beauty in the demonstration of products or projects. An incredible tool that Aninest Studios offers for the success of their demonstrations and advertising campaigns.
Rs. 30000 for 15 seconds (pricing is for the sample video’s animation quality and complexity)
6 to 10 business days
Pricing and delivery will vary based on the quality and complexity. Contact us and let us know your requirement. We will get back to you with the quote and delivery timeline.
Client requirement -> Animation
  • Perfect for your Product, Service, Youtube Channel or for other commercial use
  • FullHD video (1920x1080px resolution) in .avi, .mp4, .mov or any other format
  • Music and sound effect
  • Secured file transfer